About Us

Who We Are:

My name is Panna, founder of the Kids in Wheels. We are a couple and lovely family with our most beloved younger members. Kids in wheels idea came by as we were on the move to finding the best bike for our kids. 

This was when we realized that something needed to be done and help people in terms of advice, tips, tricks, and reviews about kids bike. This worked as our main drive to starting a new journey.

With the necessary pro tips and passion for bikes, we were able to start our site successfully. Today, we offer quality reviews and advice that have made us outshine our   competitors in the industry indisputably.

Our Mission

  • Helping you on how to choose your kids bikes. This is an important yet not often discussed point when you are trying to get a bicycle for your kid. There are so many choices when it comes to kids bikes, and this may lead to you being spoilt for choice or stuck. We guide you through the process of finding the right bike for your child. The best bike is the one that the child feels most comfortable on.
  • We are committed to delivering effective and efficient reviesw and advice with reliability and accountability to the best of our ability. To make kids in wheels, the place of your choice to live and play and grow with bikes as your tool for fun.
  • We help you choose the size of the bike that is ideal for a child.
  • We guide you to determining the right bike depending on the child's sex, whether they are god for a boy or a girl.
  • We are also entitled to helping you know the age for kids to learn to ride a bike. Sometimes it can be a difficult task to know when training your toddler to ride a bike.
  • We assist you in knowing the average age for kids to ride a bike without stabilizers.
  • We provide you with essential information on adjusting the bike seat to the comfort of your child while riding.
  • We help you in knowing how to teach a toddler how to ride a bicycle.
  • Kids In Wheels Values

    • Authenticity: To be real, be vulnerable as a kid.
    • Appreciation: Settle on the good
    • Mindfulness: Do exercise a tone of great understanding.
    • Adventure: Take risks and hold where they take you.
    • Drive: Always do what you love.
    • Simplicity. Concentrate on what is meaningful and balanced.

    These are just some of the important guidelines we offer to help you in matters concerning kids in bikes. We are unique in every possible way, and we hope you find the time to come and be part of our amazing services.

    We hope that the tips we have put together make your bike purchasing a little less confusing.

    We write our reviews considering our circumstances, it may not always the best choice for your kids. We recommend, don’t order it before making sure yourself about the bike for your loving kids.




    As a mom and a businesswoman, I have spent the past few years working on making it easy for parents out there to getting the best tips in choosing bikes for their kids. 

    Through my knowledge of kids bikes and outstanding approach to the provision of our services, I ensure that all our clients are reached every time.

    The business skills I have gained over the years give a guide to cooperating with companies that supply us with the bicycles for sale and other equipment such as replacements and repairs.

    Today, I am self-employed, and I work as an online consultant on kids bikes and to those parents seeking to know the right bike for their kids. 

    Find me at https://kidsinwheels.com and get to grab all the information you have been looking for about purchasing a bike for your child.


    M A Hai


    Apart from being a dad and loving bikes, I am also a business partner to my lovely wife and the co-founder of kidsinwheels.com. I am enthusiastic about adventures and hikes that involve racing uphill and downhills as well as training kids on how to ride bicycles

    Running a business store has taught me more than I had, which includes being an analyst in issues to do with bikes and learning how to advise that parent who has no clue how to teach their kids to ride bikes effectively getting in close relation with bikes suppliers.

    I work on bicycles because I love cycling ever since I was a small kid. Every day in the bike industry is a learning day.

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