Best 16 Inch Kids Bikes of 2022: Top 5 Recommendations

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Bikes for children are not made like they used to be. Nowadays, every kid's bike is designed to help them gain confidence and skills.

New bikes are also designed to last longer and to be durable until children outgrow them. How do you know which bike is the best for your child, though?

Well, there are a couple of answers to that question. Every bike mentioned here is perfect for kids and contains the right features to make a lifelong cyclist out of your child.

Comparison Chart

Schwinn Koen 16-Inch Kids Bike

Huffy Kinetic 16″ Kids Bike

Titan Girl’s Flower Princess 16-Inch BMX Bike

Mongoose Skid Boy’s Freestyle 16-Inch BMX Bike

Kent Boys 16″ Pro Bike

Best 16 Inch Kids Bike Reviews

Schwinn Koen 16-Inch Bike

Schwinn is America's most loved bicycle brand, and its quality never fails. If you purchase this bike, you will experience not only the joy that comes with riding a bike but also the confidence and freedom from it.


The Schwinn Koen boy's bike is ideal if you want your child to ride freely on the sidewalk, in the neighborhood, or at the park. It is suitable for children who are 3 to 5 years of age and from 38 to 48 inches tall.

Unlike the other bikes that are only smaller versions of adult bikes, this bike is made according to your child's needs. It is purposely redesigned. The creators wanted to provide parents with a bike that will match every child's body type. If the bike can do this, your child will experience a more comfortable and ideal riding position.

Its frame is light, while the pedals and cranks are placed forward. That makes this bike able to provide your child with an easier start. Besides narrower pedal positions that are there because children have smaller hips, this bike also provides smaller grips and a smaller seat.

What's to like about the Schwinn Koen Kids Bike

We all know that children love to ride, and they want to do it freely without any restrictions. This is possible, but sometimes there are dangerous situations in which they have to be extremely careful and act immediately.

This bike can provide help in these situations thanks to its brakes. The bike has a rear coaster brake. The child simply needs to reverse the pedals to stop. Besides this brake, there is also a front caliper brake that is able to ease the transition process.

The fantastic features offered by the Schwinn Koen Boys Bike are able to prepare your child for the challenges that come with a full-sized bike.

What's not to like about the Schwinn Koen Kids Bike

 You should keep in mind that this package does not include assembling tools, so you should obtain them before assembling the bike with your child.


  • Available in different colors
  • High-quality parts
  • Stable and robust build
  • No loose parts


  • No assembling tools
  • Heavy for some kids

Huffy Kinetic 16" Kids Bike

Huffy Kinetic 16" Kids Bike is not available on amazon store right now. We found the best alternative bike for you.

Huffy Moto X16 Inch Kids Bike

Unlike other children's bikes that are extremely short, this model is the perfect size for every child. It looks extremely good and the featured colors make it shiny. Without a doubt, every kid in the neighborhood would love to ride it and experience the features it offers.


Children who are 42 to 48 inches tall should not miss the chance of riding this bike. It is perfect for that height, and it can also satisfy young girls and boys who are from 4 to 6 years old, as well.

The main component of this bike - the frame - is glossy silver, and it is designed especially for children. It is made of steel and it is highly durable.

The other features of this bike also bring an enormous amount of confidence and stability. That is the main reason why this product is so popular.

What's to like about the Huffy Kinetic Kids Bike

Thanks to the rear coaster brake, this bike is easy to use, while the front brake is ideal for beginner riders. Your children won't be afraid to take over the neighborhood.

The bike also includes removable training wheels. Those training wheels are capable of providing confidence while learning, as well as additional motivation after removing them.

The look of this bike is another reason why people purchase it. Its padded seat and chain guard have yellow racing graphics. To be more precise, the yellow color dominates and leaves a lasting impression. 

The saddle and the handlebar can be easily adjusted. It is essential to mention that its assembly is not difficult at all. You can do it together with your child. All you need is a wrench.

What's not to like about the Huffy Kinetic Kids Bike

While some people are fascinated by the look of it, others are not. Some customers do not like yellow and may prefer something else. Unfortunately, this bike does not come in other colors.


  • Protective handlebar
  • Alluring appearance
  • Easy to assemble
  • High-quality parts


  • Not available in other colors
  • No assembling tools

Titan Girl's Flower Princess 16-Inch BMX Bike

You can help your child learn to ride a bike with this Titan BMX bike. It is quite stable and delivers a strong statement with its flowers and pink color. Your baby girl will appreciate this bike more than anything, and nothing will ever top this gift.


This is the only version that comes with a doll seat. Imagine your daughter riding this bike with her favorite dolls there to support her. There is nothing more beautiful than that. She would be able to ride, stop, play, and ride again, all thanks to the brilliant creators.

Besides offering a doll seat, this bike offers a lot more features than you can imagine. For example, it includes a basket. Your child will be able to put food, water, and other necessities in it while riding.

The Flower Princess BMX also includes streamers and training wheels. Its frame is made from two colors – white and pink. It has a fork, stem, and handlebar. It contains a rear coaster brake, as well.

What's to like about theTitan Girl's Flower Princess Kids Bike

The multicolored seat is adjustable, and it can be raised or lowered. That entirely depends on your child's needs.
The bike is made from steel, plastic, PVC, and nylon, and it also includes a one-year warranty.

The assembly is effortless because the instructions are very easy to follow. Plus, the bike arrives 85% assembled.
Other bikes often interrupt the required balance thanks to the training wheels, but this problem does not occur here.

The balance of the training wheels is even, and it offers fast learning.

Children need protection, and that protection should be increased when it comes to riding a bike. The creators here included handlebar pads for additional protection.

What's not to like about theTitan Girl's Flower Princess Kids Bike

The only thing that customers are not satisfied with when it comes to this bike is the color it comes in. There are plenty of good comments regarding it, but not many customers purchase it because it only comes in white and pink.


  • Includes a doll seat
  • Strong balance
  • Clear instructions
  • Good quality parts


  • Not available in different colors
  • Some reports that the basket was missing on delivery

Mongoose Skid Boy's Freestyle 16-Inch BMX Bike

The word "boy" included in this bike's name does not mean anything because a lot of parents are purchasing it for their girls, as well. That is mainly because this bike is excellent for beginner riders and it develops skills that every biker should possess in the future.


This bike is going to help you learn the fundamentals of this sport with style. Its construction is terrific for both beginners and experienced children bikers.

Even the simple ride is backed up with a single-speed drivetrain. There are also tires, each 16 inches long, that provide fantastic traction.

It is recommended that children between the ages of 6 and 9 years old should use it. Retractable training wheels are included, and they may be the best feature this bike offers. Your child will be extremely stable with them and will quickly learn how to ride.

You won't be worried about the outcome at all, and without a doubt, your child will be able to remove them in a short amount of time. Yes, they are that good and stable.

There are dangerous situations that include pedestrians, cars, other bikes, and sometimes even animals on the road, regardless of where you are. You and your child won't be worried about this bike at all because its brakes are of high quality.

What's to like about the Mongoose Skid Boy's BMX Bike

The brakes are the second-best thing that this bike offers. The coaster foot brakes give additional confidence to your child and they will be able to stop before anything unwanted happens.

In addition, this bike has an alloy 2 bolt steam with 2-piece handlebars. That is where the bike takes all of its strength.

To be honest, just like the adult version of this and any other bike Mongoose produces, this bike offers a chance to push the limits. Sometimes, pushing your child's limits is good because they learn more.

The colors that this bike comes in make a bold statement. The bike is a mixture of bright orange, black, and red. It also includes numbers of inches and the name on it.

What's not to like about the Mongoose Skid Boy's BMX Bike

The reason why some people do not purchase this bike is simple. They do not like the color, or their children do not like the color. Unfortunately, this bike does not come in any other color besides orange, black, and red.

That fact should be neglected because, overall, the bike is terrific. Its assembly is easy to complete, as well, but it does not include a kickstand.


  • Made from high-quality parts
  • Price is often reduced
  • Low standover steel frame
  • Coaster brake


  • Not available in other colors
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Kent Boys Pro 16" Bike

Last but not least comes the Kent Boy's ProBike. Just like any other product manufactured by Kent, this bike offers quality, durability, and longevity. Its performance is quite good, and it will teach your child how to balance and later ride through woods and roads perfectly.


Once again, the name here makes parents not want to purchase it and start looking for something else. This should not be the case with this bike because the bike and the features it has are ideal for your child regardless of gender.

Unlike many other bike parts made from aluminum, this bike's frame is made entirely from steel. This feature is an absolute winner regarding this bike because it makes it more reliable and more durable. This is something that small children need for proper learning.

Kids are kids, after all, and we all know that they fall or hit their bikes while parking them. That is not bad as long as the bike is durable. This bike is durable and able to sustain blows or damages. Bumps and falls will mean nothing now, and your child can remain being, well, just a child.

What's to like about the Kent Boy's Pro Bike

Children learn how to balance thanks to the training wheels that can be removed after accomplishing this task. The training wheels are also made from steel. This feature makes the quality of this bike even higher.

The Kent Boy's ProBike includes coaster brakes, a handlebar pad, and an adaptable seat. Unfortunately, the bike does not come with a kickstand.

Although it is made from steel, this bike is light in weight. It comes in yellow and dark tones. Those tones make it even more appealing than the others.

What's not to like about the Kent Boy's Pro Bike

 There are many reports that the design of the bike is poor, and the manufacturers should immediately fix it. Furthermore, there are also reports that some of the bikes arrive with the wrong mechanism. You should contact the seller before purchasing it just to be sure you'll get the right product.


  • Steel frame for long-term use
  • Steel training wheels
  • High-quality build
  • Easy to assemble


  • Reports of the wrong mechanisms being delivered


Children all need to learn how to ride a bike at some point. The joy that they will obtain from this journey can't be compared with anything else.

The bike journey provides them freedom and fun at the same time. The process of choosing the right bike for your child is not easy but the bikes mentioned above can ease the process thanks to the features they provide.

Take into consideration your child's physical abilities and characteristics before making a final decision and you'll be sure to find a bike that will provide years of enjoyment.

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