Best 20 Inch Kids Bike of 2022: Top Five Picks

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Most children would just love to have a bicycle of their own, even the very small ones. But the problem is that there are so many different makes and types out there that it is nearly impossible to find the right one.

In this review, we will save you the time and look at a few of the good ones that might suit your child and your pocket. So, let’s take a look and see what we can get from the marketplace without further delay.

Comparison Chart

RoyalBaby Kids Bike

Schwinn Elm Girls Bike

Tony Hawk Jargon Freestyle BMX Bike

Huffy Kids Bike

Schwinn Sting-Ray Cruiser Bike

Best 20 Inch Kids Bike Reviews

1. RoyalBaby 20 Inch Kids Bike

With this 20 inch bicycle for kids, you get functionality and versatility as well as great aesthetics in just one package. And you can have it in a few different sizes to fit different ages of children for your convenience.


This bicycle for kids that is provided by RoyalBaby is suitable to be used by both boys and girls alike. So you only need to check for the right color when it comes to choosing the right bicycle for a boy or a girl.

For a more convenient and easy-to-operate braking system, it is adapted to be more comfortable for children to use. That is possible with the brake lever that is shortened by 10 percent to increase the leverage and ease of use.

There are many extras included in the kid’s bicycle from RoyalBaby to improve a child’s experience. The extras will include reflectors for your child’s safety as well as a bell and the tools necessary to do the assembly and repairs.

It is quite easy to assemble this bicycle when you receive it because it is 95 percent assembled already. And you do not need to perform a lot of work as there are only 5 nuts that need to be tightened for it to be completely assembled.

With a strong and sturdy design and construction, this bicycle will last a very long time and provide many joyful hours. It is made from high-quality and durable materials that make it durable, and it is of excellent quality craftsmanship.

There are some things that are not so good about this bicycle for kids that will take away some of the quality. One of them is that the water bottle that comes with the bicycle is of mediocre quality and might not last very long.

There are also no training wheels included with the 20-inch freestyle bicycle for boys and girls. That might take away some of the joy of this bicycle, and younger children might find it annoying not to have the assistance of training wheels.


  • Many extra features are included
  • This bicycle is easy to assemble
  • It is available in many different colors
  • Strong and sturdy construction


  • The water bottle is of mediocre quality
  • Training wheels are not included

2. Schwinn Elm Girls Bike

A nice-looking, well designed, and very comfortable ride is what you get with this Kids bicycle from Schwinn. It is overall a good bicycle for smaller children and comes with quite an affordable price point attached to the bicycle.


This bicycle comes with a rigid and robust fork that will help improve the bicycle’s balance for better comfort. And this might also improve the handling and driving experience for children.

When it comes to the adjustment of the seat, there is a quick-release collar included so it can be done quickly. With this feature included with the bicycle, the seat can easily be adjusted to accommodate taller kids as well.

You will get a much smoother ride with the 12-inch wheels and EVA foam tires that are included with this bicycle. There are also axle guards on the bike to protect the child’s ankles while they are pedaling.

The steering headset is equipped with a high-quality bearing that will provide a smooth steering experience for the rider. And it will help to improve the balance of the bicycle for a much safer ride.

And then there are extras included with this children’s bicycle from Schwinn to improve the user experience for kids. These extras might consist of side training wheels to make training and expert riding a smooth transition for children and toddlers.

Unfortunately, these bicycles from Schwinn are only meant to be used by girls, and boys might lose out on a great experience. And the pedals might be of lesser quality that might take away some of the great quality of the bicycle.

Then there is also the problem that some of the extras that are included with the Elm girls bicycle might be of mediocre quality. So if it breaks not long after the purchase of the bike, it might just not be the same for the child anymore.


  • Strong and sturdy frame
  • It is very easy to assemble this bicycle
  • The pedals are easy to move
  • Some extras are included which is a big plus


  • It is only meant for girls
  • The pedals are not of good quality

3. Tony Hawk Jargon Freestyle BMX Bike

This is a great looking bike that will be the pride of the rider for a long time because of the excellent quality. And, as the name suggests, this is the bike to have if you want to be one of the cool guys.


This bike is designed to be used on many different terrains and will be able to handle rougher mountain roads. Furthermore, it is also great for use on smoother suburban roads, making it a very versatile bicycle for children.

It also comes with sturdy and well-designed caliper brakes at the front as well as at the back. And this great feature that is included makes the Tony Hawk freestyle BMX quite a safe bike for use by all children.

The bicycle comes with 2 nice-looking wheels that are equipped with 48 spokes to give the bicycle that unique look. The wheels are strong and sturdy and are designed to be used on different types of terrains as well.

It is much easier to hold and balance the custom grips that are provided with this BMX bicycle. And it also helps to prevent the hands from getting tired very quickly to improve the riding experience for the kids.

Furthermore, there is the seat, which is one of the most essential features. This seat comes in an attractive and comfortable design. This will help make your seating much more comfortable so you can use the bicycle for long hours.

But some of the parts are of mediocre quality, and it might cause discomfort or even injury to the kids. The biggest problem is with the handlebar pipe that is a bit thin and might break while the child is riding the bike.

Unfortunately, you will need some experience to assemble this freestyle BMX form Dynacraft. This might take away some of the good of the bicycle when it becomes a problem to maintain it as well.


  • It comes with a strong and durable frame
  • Nice looking 48 spoke wheels are included
  • Some great extras are included
  • Comes with a comfortable seat


  • Some of the parts are of mediocre quality
  • A bit difficult to assemble

4. Huffy 20 Inch Kids Bike

This is a cool bike that comes with many great features included that will provide a nice ride for kids. It also comes with nicely designed wheels that will make the rider the center of attention with great aesthetics.


This is the bicycle to have if you want to use it for riding in the rough off-road terrains. With a sturdy design and strong, high-quality craftsmanship, this bicycle will handle both rough and smooth rides with ease.

The fun streamers attached to the handle will make it look even better to improve the look of this kid’s bicycle. Furthermore, there are cute stickers that make the bike look even better and more adorable for the little ones.

A quick and easy braking action is included with this bicycle to make it a safe ride for children at all times. This is possible with the dual front and back brakes that are very easy to reach and will provide great stopping power.

For the brave bicycle riders, nice strong pegs are included at the front and the back of the bicycle. That is if they want to try out new tricks to show off their newly acquired bike riding skills.

You have a very strong and sturdy frame included with this bicycle that is made from high-quality materials. This will make the bike very safe and well-balanced to improve the safety feature of this bicycle for children even more. With the high price tag included with this bicycle for children, it might be out of reach for some.

And for those who love to display their nice-looking bicycles with the cute stickers, there is, unfortunately, no kickstand included for that. Finally, it is only available in 3 colors so it might not fall in the taste of some children out there.


  • This bicycle comes with a strong and sturdy frame
  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • Comes with nice features included
  • It is well-designed and has nice looking stickers


  • This bicycle is a bit expensive
  • You do not get a kickstand included

5. Schwinn Sting-Ray 20 Inch Cruiser Bike

Schwinn Sting-Ray 20 Inch Cruiser Bike is not available on amazon store right now. We recommended the best alternative bike for you.

Schwinn Sting Pro and Predator Team BMX Bike for Kids

This is a no-nonsense bike that comes with very little fancy add-ons but with a nice and sturdy design. As a bonus, it is meant for the older boys and girls that need something that will keep going for a long time.


This bike is designed for those youngsters that are using the bicycle for what it is meant to be used for. And that is for riding it hard and using it in the very rough terrains and surfaces of the off-road environment.

That is all possible with the strong and sturdy frame of this bicycle that is made from high-quality and strong materials. This makes the bike a safe ride for children because of the much better balance it provides.

The bicycle is made with easy maintenance and repairs in mind. When you receive the bike, you will discover that it is also very simple to assemble. It is also easy to maintain with easily accessible parts and no fancy add-ons that are in the way.

With the nice stand and very comfortable seat, it will provide a good and safe ride as well as a nice display of the bike. As well, the rigid front fork will provide added durability and stability for this bicycle to make it even safer.

To support all this great quality and durability, you also get a limited lifetime warranty on the bicycle. This just shows how much trust the manufacturer puts in the craftsmanship and construction of this durable and robust bicycle.

Unfortunately, it is not meant for the very small children out there, and they might have to wait for quite some time to own one. As a result, that might just put off some people from buying it for their little children.

Then, there is the high price tag attached to this bicycle from Schwinn, even if it may make up for the quality. But it will still be out of reach for those who have to work with a tight budget.


  • Comes with a strong frame
  • It is quite easy to assemble this bicycle
  • This bicycle comes with nice extras
  • It is an all-terrain bicycle


  • It is not meant for very small children
  • This bicycle is a bit pricey


We found that the best of these bikes for children is the RoyalBaby, which includes a lot of nice features. It also comes with a reasonable price tag that might make it affordable for many. As for the runner up, that is the Schwinn Stingray cruiser bike if you are able to afford it.

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