Best Bicycle for Beginners: Three Great Choices

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Kids new to using a bicycle are sure to find the prospect of learning how to ride a bike excitingly and overwhelmingly. As you’re helping them to learn, you’re sure to want to make sure they have the best bicycle for beginners.

Choosing the right beginner bicycle will make the overall experience better for a learning child. Great learning bicycles have different sizes and types of training wheels, and they are also great bikes to use without the training wheels once the child learns more about how to ride properly.

How do you know which are the best bicycles when you’re choosing for a beginner? Today, we’re introducing three popular bikes for beginners. Which one will be right for your little rider?

Best Bicycle for Beginners
Comparison Chart

Nice C BMX Kids Bike with Dual Disc Brake for Boy and Girl 12-14-16-18 inch Training Wheels (14″ Champagne)

JOYSTAR 14 Inch Kids Bike with Training Wheels for 3 4 5 Years Old Boys, Toddler Cycle for Early Rider, Child Pedal Bike,Orange

Nickelodeon Paw Patrol Boy’s Bicycle With Training Wheels, 16-Inch Wheels

Best Bicycle for Beginners Reviews

1. Nice C BMX Kid's Bike

The first bike we are going to take a closer look at today is the Nice C BMX Kid’s Bike. This has a dual disc brake which also has the option of training wheels included as an accessory along with the bike.


The bike is made from high-quality and durable materials, but they aren’t heavy materials. Since the bike is created from magnesium alloy metals, it is strong while still remaining relatively lightweight.

The Nice C BMX Kid's Bike is great for kids because it makes it less likely that they’ll be injured if they fall. Also, the lower weight makes it a bit easier to keep everything upright when they’re riding.

The bike has a single-piece frame with no welding on it, so there are fewer weak spots that might cause the bike to break. Frame weld points are one of the first points that can break, so the zero-weld style is a great choice.

This bike has thick, BMX-style wheels on it. These thicker wheels are great for kids because they run smoothly on many different types of terrain. Additionally, the extra rubber improves the bike’s shock absorption.

The toddler sizes of the Nice C BMX Kid's Bike also include training wheels which you can attach if you believe that your child needs them to learn with. Not all parents want to use training wheels, but they are a great option to have available when you do want to have that kind of extra security.


  • Available in four different sizes and color variations
  • Larger models include a kickstand
  • Three-month warranty included
  • Easy braking
  • Easy to assemble


  • Shipping packaging problems
  • Slippery pedals
  • Long-term durability issues

2.  JOYSTAR Kid's Bike

The next bike we’re going to look at today is the JOYSTAR Kid’s Bike. Let's see how it fares against the other products on our list.JOYSTAR Kid’s Bike


Like the Nice C bike, this bike is available in four different sizes and a few different colors. Depending on the size of the bike, it includes either training wheels or a kickstand. The 12” to 16” sizes have training wheels, and the 18” model has a kickstand.

Including the training wheels for younger kids is a great option so that they can learn to ride with training wheels if you want them to. The kickstand for the 18” model is fantastic for older kids who will want to go exploring with their bikes.

The 12”, 14”, and 16” models all have foot brakes rather than hand brakes. This is because younger kids usually don’t have enough hand strength to be able to use the hand brakes, but the foot brakes work just fine. The 18” model is equipped with both hand and foot brakes.

The JOYSTAR Kid's Bike is made out of premium steel that is very durable. It is backed by a lifetime warranty from JOYSTAR, so you can trust that the bike will stand up to a lot of use from your little ones over the years. Additionally, it won’t require very much maintenance because of the quality.


  • Includes safe chain guard
  • Many sizes and colors available
  • Can be assembled at home
  • Thick, durable bike tires


  • Requires some mechanical knowledge to assemble
  • The chain may slip off and need to be readjusted
  • Shipping problems

3.  Nickelodeon Paw Patrol Bicycle for Kids

Finally, we’re going to talk about the Nickelodeon Paw Patrol Bicycle for Kids which is another fun option for parents who want to get their kids something that they’ll love to ride as they learn how to ride for the first time.


This bike is available in both 12” and 16” variations, so you can choose one of those two sizes depending on how tall your child is. Choosing the best one for their height will help to ensure that they are able to ride the bike very comfortably. The bikes both come with training wheels so that you can easily help your child feel happy and safe while on a bike.

The frame of the Nickelodeon Paw Patrol Bicycle is made from very durable steel, and the bike has a foot brake that makes it simple for any child to stop their bike in a moment. There is also a chain guard which helps to prevent any cuts that might be caused by an exposed chain


  • Paw Patrol themed parts
  • Easy to attach and remove training wheels
  • Multiple size and color variations available
  • Made by Schwinn


  • Some parts can be hard to assemble
  • The instruction booklet does not match the specific bike, but can still be used

The Winner

Among the three great bicycles, we’ve found that the Nice C BMX Kid’s Bike is the best option for most beginner riders. The best bicycle for beginners is sure to be one that offers training wheels in the smaller sizes and one that will not break easily. This bike stands up to both of those requirements, and that is why we think it is great.

For those who want something that offers something a little bit different, the JOYSTAR Kid’s Bike is another reliable option. This bike has a great color and size, and the lightweight stainless steel is very easy to maintain even when you have the messiest kids in the neighborhood.

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