Best Electric Dirt Bike for Kids: Top 10 Recommendations

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Kids love to ride, so there are different types of bikes available. But there is no comparison with an Electric Dirt bike for kids, so today we will discuss Best Electric Dirt Bike for Kids and make the dirt bike buying journey easy for you.

It would help if you went through many technical things as we have related knowledge in this sector that we will share with you.

Riding is a passion for kids, and offroading is a dream. So, they always want to ride off-road, which is only possible with dirt bikes. They need previous riding lessons to start dirt biking, and they love it a lot. We have also gone through many dirt bikes and know about the in and out of these bikes. So, let’s go through all these matters step by step.

Is an electric dirt bike perfect for kids?

Your kid need some lesson to ride electric bikes; they should have riding experience on toddler bikes and available bikes. Then only they will be able to start riding a dirt bike; as usual, these dirt bikes are made for kids and are small in size.

They can ride it comfortably, and there are necessary safety features used on these bikes.

These bikes are slower than your kid may fall; these run at a controlled speed. Also, it is recommended to wear safety gear while riding. No parent will allow kids to ride a risky bike, but these electric dirt bikes are safe, and we can ensure your kid will enjoy this dirt biking a lot.

What are the benefits of electric dirt biking?

Physical activities keep our kids healthy and safe. Dirt biking is an outdoor activity; kids love riding bikes to enjoy their riding. From the view of riding, they enjoy mental and physical in their outdoor sessions. Also, due to safety features, these bikes are slow enough, and kids can easily control these.

When your kid is driving this bike daily, they enjoy it a lot and have their physical activity well. You need to keep the bike charged and look after it when riding. Tell your kid to ride safely and wear all safety gear. Overall, safe riding is the main target.


If you are considering getting an electric dirt bike now, we recommend one of the best on the market. You can now go for Razor RSF350/650 model, a high-end bike with a great motor, charging, and runtime capacity.

Your son will give a Jaw fall down expression about this bike! Yes, you have heard it right; this is the best bike available for kids.

Why would you get this bike? It is one of the most advanced and high-power bikes you can get for your 10-year above kid. It comes with a unique design, and here you will see that kids have a craze for real-life bikes; this is a replica of a real-life bike, and they will love it. It has a powerful motor, 50-minute runtime, and many more on a quality budget.

TOP 10 Chart

Here we have shortlisted the top 10 products based on quality, durability, and other factors. You can check out this chart and pick anyone that suits your kid.

Top 10 Recommendations for Best Electric Dirt Bike for Kids

We will discuss here the top 10 reviews on top 10 products; you can pick the best from them.

1. Razor Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Off-Road Bike

Available Models: SX350, SX500, MX350, MX650  


  • 650-watt motor
  • Real bike Geometry
  • 40 minutes run time
  • 17 mph speed

Razor is a reputed dirt bike brand that makes fantastic comfortable electric dirt bikes. Here you will find that these bikes are perfect for kids due to their design and size. These bikes have a 650-watt motor and a battery that runs for 40 minutes. Razor electric dirt bikes for kids are the best choice for kids.

The design is just like the real dirt bikes that your kid will enjoy. Also, the rear and front wheels will allow your kid to climb heights and experience real dirt biking. So, it would help if you allowed your kids to wear safety gear while riding this bike.

The speed is only 17mph, which is not too fast, and your kid can control it very well; ensure that he has a common riding experience. You have to monitor that he is riding safely and in his playground.

You can take him outdoors to ride this one, and there you can leave him for some enjoyment. Among all electric bikes for kids, you can get the proper electric dirt bikes for kids that kids can use comfortably.

What We Like:

  • Controlled speed allows them to ride safely
  • Realtime bike experience
  • Powerful engine and performance

What We Don't Like:

  • No front disc brake and no suspension

2. Razor MX400 Rocket Ride Motorcycle Dirt Bike


  • 250-watt motor
  • 64 kg weight capacity
  • 30 min run time
  • Real bike geometry

This is another excellent piece from Razor; they have long years of experience making dirt bikes. You will feel your kids are riding a real one, as these are not performing as accurately; they get the taste of dirt biking with this tiny monster. It comes with a mid-level 250-watt motor capacity.

Your kid can comfortably ride it as it has a good weight capacity, and due to its lightweight, he can control it well. From balancing to riding, it is a perfect toy for your kid's outdoor activity; he can take it offroading and drive in the mud. Be sure your kid is safe and does not crash.

This one runs for 30 minutes as a budget bike, which is quite enough for a kid's electric dirt bike, and they can easily have balance and control. Let them enjoy the machine; day by day, they will do better with this one.

What We Like:

  • Mid-range budget bike
  • Mid-level speed
  • Good weight capacity

What We Don't Like:

  • Smaller size for above 10-year-old kids

3. Razor RSF350 & RSF650 Electric Street Bike     


  • 650-watt motor
  • 36-volt lead acid battery
  • 17mph speed
  • 50 minutes runtime

This fantastic bike from Razor will make your son proud, the design is unique, and it is much more powerful to do dirt biking. They will love to ride it in the yard or outdoors for its shape and look, they will love to show it to their friends, and they will envy him. If you need the best electric dirt bike for kids, check our top chart of the best electric bikes for kids.

It has a powerful motor to carry your kid; it is perfect for above 15 years kids. Teenagers can enjoy riding it easily too. Based on the size, it could be better for smaller kids. It is backed up by a lead acid battery that will recharge faster and give extra mileage. This can be the right electric dirt bike for teenagers, which is different from the right electric dirt bike for 3 years old.

The charge capacity of this bike is incredible. Your kid can run it for up to 50 minutes, which is relatively high for kids with an electric dirt bike. Based on the budget, it is a bit costly, but if we consider the performance, it is a fantastic bike for your kid; he will love it a lot.

What We Like:

  • High performance
  • Better charging capacity
  • Longer runtime
  • Unique design

What We Don't Like:

  • After-sales support may cause you extra money.

4. MotoTec 36v Pro Electric Dirt Bike


  • Larger size
  • 1000 watt motor
  • More Powerful
  • For older kids

This bike is from Mototec, a bike for older kids. Based on its size and power, it is a 1000-watt motorbike; it is not for smaller kids. The size is also bigger; you should not use it for your smaller kid. If the boy is above 15 years, then you can get it from him.

If you are looking for a larger bike, this is a perfect choice; your kids can take it for offroading. It comes with more horsepower and runs up to 17mph. So, your kid can use it for biking and going somewhere. Here you will notice that this bike can also be fruitful for regular use.

This bike uses a new lithium technology battery that is perfect for faster charging and runs up to one hour. The design and shape are unique and realistic, and your kid will love the bike very much. It is made on real bike models that are more practical compared to other bikes.

What We Like:

  • More powerful engine
  • Longer battery life
  • Realistic design

What We Don't Like:

  • Wrong accessories may appear in the order box.

5. Hiboy DK1 Electric Dirt Bike for Kids


  • Shockproof Fork
  • 90 minutes long runtime
  • 3-speed feature
  • Mid-sized

This is a mid-size dirt bike you can get for your kid; it is perfect for 3 to 10-year kids. Your kid will love this nice dirt bike for its perfect type of design and functions. There are only so many bikes that have shockproof brakes. But this bike has real-time shockproof forks; kids will enjoy it.

This bike has fantastic 90 minutes long runtime on a mid-range budget, it is excellent, and your kid can run it for some extra time. Like real bikes, you can go for this bike for its extra runtime and amazing performance. So, you have to think twice before buying this one.

It is also an advanced bike that comes with other kinds of features. The three-speed function will allow kids to control the bike run at three different speeds, and they can enjoy the ride too. The suspension makes the ride more comfortable and can carry up to 64 kg.

What We Like:

  • Suspensions are comfortable
  • Longer run time
  • Different changeable speed
  • Amazing bike for kids

What We Don't Like:

  • Low speed and smaller size

6. Razor RSF350 Electric Street Bike


  • Authentic street bike
  • 14 mph speed
  • 30 min runtime
Razor RSF350 Electric Street Bike will give you all the performance you are looking for when looking for a street bike-type electric dirt bike. The design is a bit different than dirt bikes and matches offroad mud riders; your kid will love it, so you can get this excellent bike for him.

It is a mid-budget bike that will meet all the requirements you need, it runs up to 14 mph per hour, and with this, your kid can experience good outdoor riding. Generally, dirt electric bikes are expensive; we know that, but here we have to see the mid-range good performer bikes.

Based on our demand, we have a mid-range 30 min runtime with this bike; your kid can enjoy this top-class bike for offroading and enjoying their playtime. We recommend this bike as a budget product for your boy. He will have a good time with this lovely bike. If you need the best electric dirt bike for kids, check our top chart of the best electric bikes for kids.

What We Like:

  • Unique Design that kids will love
  • Mid budget bike
  • Comfortable speed
  • Average runtime

What We Don't Like:

  • Low-Performance bike

7. Aosom Kids Motorcycle Electric Dirt Bike


  • 12-volt power
  • Training wheels
  • Kids play bike
  • 45 minutes runtime

If you have a small kid, you must go for this kid's dirt bike that your kids can easily play with and enjoy. It is perfect for your kid as it comes with a training wheel. When kids learn to ride bikes, they cannot balance, so this starter-level bike will help them learn to balance and drive their bikes.

When buying this bike, you have to be sure that it is for young 3-5 year kids; as it is a low-power bike, they can learn to ride with it, and never expect stunts from them! We are talking about learning dirt biking here; it is a good replica of dirt bikes you can get for your kid.

According to the product specification, it is a learning bike, it will give a good runtime of up to 45 minutes, and your kid can enjoy the ride. So, on a limited budget, you can get this lovely dirt bike that will make your baby enjoy his yard ride and learn to balance correctly. You need to get the best electric bike for kids from the top charts when you need electric bikes for kids.

What We Like:

  • Low power bike
  • Learning bike
  • Easy to balance
  • Good runtime

What We Don't Like:

  • Product quality is not durable

8. Honda CRF250R Electric Dirt Bike    


  • Learning bike
  • Training wheels
  • 6-volt battery
  • Honda licensed version
  • 45 minutes runtime

We all need a learning bike for our kids; here, this bike is a Honda replica licensed version you can get for your kid; he will learn his biking with this awesome bike. It is a good version for kids that allows and gives the necessary learning speed and features. This electric bike for a kid is the best 6-volt electric dirt bike you can rely on.

Kids' main problem with riding a bike is balancing; they cannot balance, but this bike comes with training wheels. So it is easy for them to learn riding and balance. When they have learned to balance, you can remove the training wheels, and they can drive this low-power bike in your yard.

It comes with a low-powered motor and a 6-volt battery; it will give you around 45 minutes of run time, which is a great time pass for your boy. You can also give him guidance to learn to bike with this beginner bike, and he can also enjoy his leisure time with a good learning bike.

What We Like:

  • Easy learning bike
  • Perfect for kids
  • Good construction
  • Good backup

What We Don't Like:

  • Slow speed

9. Best Choice Kids Ride On Motorcycle


  • Beginner level bike
  • Low 2 mph speed
  • 6-volt battery
  • 40 minutes runtime

This bike is for only beginners; it is not a real dirt electric bike replica; it just looks like a dirt bike, but with this one, new kids will learn bike riding. It has a training wheel that will help your kid start bike riding and balance with this beginner-level bike.

The most comfortable for this beginner-level bike is that it comes with a training wheel. Also, the speed is very low, only 2mph. With this bike, your kid has no risk of falling or having any crashes. Your kid will learn to ride and be ready for more extensive dirt bike riding.

This bike is equipped with a 6volt battery that is quite enough power for this small bike; it is a good replica of a dirt bike, and your kids will feel like real riders. Also, the speed is very comfortable; that runs for 40 minutes. So, that is enough time for your kid to have fun in the yard.

What We Like:

  • Learner bike
  • Safe and low speed
  • Longer runtime to enjoy
  • Comes with a training wheel

What We Don't Like:

  • Kids cannot balance this bike without a training wheel due to low speed.

10. HONEY JOY Kids Electric Motorcycle


  • Training Wheel
  • Spring Suspension
  • Headlight
  • Environment-friendly PP materials

This is the perfect bike for those who want to buy one for a toddler or smaller kids. It is an excellent beginner bike with a training wheel and lower speed. Even your toddler can ride it; this is just a training bike, and you need not take the hassle of looking after them or training them to ride. You can suggest toddler dirt bike gear for them as they can ride the toddler dirt bike with training wheels for safety.

This beginner-level bike is made for smaller kids; it is too small and is perfect for kids and toddlers. The spring suspension will make your kid the braking experience enjoyable. Also, the working headlight will amaze you. On the other hand, the training wheel helps them to balance and ride the bike safely. From these best electric dirt bikes for kids, you can get the toddler dirt bike without any second thought.

You will find this bike safe and slow enough to suit your kid's riding. There is no risk of falling off an accident with this bike; it is made for your kid's regular playing. They can ride it in yards and other places under your supervision. Overall, this is recommended as the first dirt bike for kids.

What We Like:

  • Slower and safer speed
  • Comes with a training wheel
  • Comfortable ride for kids

What We Don't Like:

  • Basic level construction

Short Tips to Buy Electric Dirt Bikes for Kids

You will find a lot of variations around you, but you have to know some quick tips to choose your electric bike. We will briefly describe how you can get your best electric dirt bike with just a few criteria.

Be sure about your kid's requirements; when he is 3-5 years get a beginner version; above 5-6 years, you can get a better and upgraded version.

Keep an eye on the motor capacity, and get the right bike for your kid. Please do not give him a more powerful one that can harm or cause an accident.

The battery is another critical issue that causes the power and price range to be higher, so you can get the right kind of battery bike for your kid.

Choose the bike speed according to your kid's capacity, too much speed can cause harm to them. So, be very sure about getting the right bike.

These are the significant facts you need to see about your kid's electric dirt bike; there are different age range bikes, and from there, choose one according to your need.

Detailed Buying Guide on Electric Dirt Bikes for kids

It takes work to get the right bike from a lot of variations. Here we need to be very choosy and go through technical specifications to help us find the proper bike. In reality, we need clarification and get a bike that does not suit our kid. So, now we will share some criteria to help you reach the right bike.


There are different sized electric dirt bikes, these cover from above 3 years to above 16 years. The sizes are different in addition to the other features. So, select the perfect size for your kid. Also, you know your kid's bike riding skills, so keep that in mind to provide him with a suitable bike.

Your 5-year-old kid cannot ride a bike suitable for 10 years above kids. Similarly, an older kid will break a smaller bike. It would help if you kept the bike size and kids' age in mind.

Training Wheel

If your kid is younger, you should provide him with a bike with a training wheel; it will help him learn to ride and balance. This way, they can start learning and ride their own bike. Dirt bikes are tough to control, so kids must be habituated to balancing them to avoid falling. In some cases, kids love to play with dirt bikes in off-road environments and outdoor places, so riding without a training wheel is dangerous.

Running Capacity

Each bike is run by 250 watts to 1000-watt motors; these are for children of different ages. A 5-year-old kid cannot control a 650-watt bike properly; on the other hand, a 10-year-old kid cannot ride a 250-watt bike; in reality, it will not run at all. So, we also look at the engine power to suit our kids. Product specifications tell for which age the bike is made.

Moving Suspension

We never want our kid to fall from a bike; moving suspension has both good and bad sides. You must be safe about the bike construction if you have a younger kid. Bikes with suspension have some controlling issues; some kids cannot control it, so try to avoid getting bikes with suspension for younger kids. But elder kids are very comfortable with the control and can manage the upgraded bikes.


From 2mph to 17mph, bikes are available for kid dirt bike users. So, you must be careful when choosing one for your kid; go for the best one according to age. Learners can easily ride 2mph to 4 mph bikes, and your kid needs to be good enough to manage a 14 mph above-speed bike. Also, those that have good speed are made for real-time dirt biking. Others are just replicas to keep the kids happy.


You can easily understand which type of bike your kid love; younger kids go for plastic/ abs made colorful bikes, and older kids go for larger advanced bikes. Advanced bikes are made with steel and upgraded materials to be stronger, with suspension and higher speed. So, you have to decide which kind of bike you need actually. Then your search for this bike and get one.


Regular maintenance is a common requirement for electric dirt bikes. It would help if you kept them clean to use in the long run and charged them daily or twice a week to keep the engine running. Your kid needs to be better at taking care of his bike. So, you must take the lead and keep an eye on the bike. Here you can do another thing while buying. You can go for a low-maintenance bike.

We have shared common facts you need to check when getting an electric dirt bike. Here you will see that we, most of the time, make mistakes in choosing the perfect bike for our kid. We highlighted the practical issues and things you need to consider when buying one. We will tell you that you will get the right bike if you remain careful about the above matters.


Here we will discuss some common questions that will give you some additional information and give you a clear idea about electric dirt bikes.

How to maintain an Electric dirt bike for kids?

Kids love to ride bikes, but they need to be more capable of taking care of these bikes. To give proper maintenance,  you have to do that on your own. After every outdoor session and playing, you have to clean it properly. The wheel and other parts should be clean, and you can use oils to clean the brakes, chains, and metal parts.

Electric bikes should give regular charges, here if you miss that, at least charge twice per week. This practice will keep the battery in proper shape and give you enough runtime. With proper maintenance, you can run an electric dirt bike for years.

What dirt bike is best for a 6-year-old?

A 6-year-old kid needs a beginner-level dirt bike; it is the age to learn riding and balancing. We will provide them with bikes that come with training wheels, so they can learn to balance and start riding on a bike. Here we have recommended a few bikes that are for beginners.

You can also get a slow and steady bike; your kid can learn to bike with a slower bike. Generally, bikes with 2mph to 4 mph are perfect for learning bike riding; here, these bikes are not also expensive, so you can get one to train your kid easily.

What dirt bike is best for a 10-year-old?

When you have a 10-year-old kid, he definitely knows to ride. So we are talking about a bike that is good for him; he needs a bike with real dirt biking experience. We recommend that you get him a bike with 14mph plus speed, looks like a real dirt bike, has more than 40-minute runtime, and can enjoy it.

There are some great models from Razor bikes; they make mid-range and high-range bikes, which are around $400 to $900, from where you can choose any model with good performance. Why do they need a good one? They want to enjoy absolute dirt biking, so these mid to high-end bikes give better feedback.

How much does a dirt bike cost for an 11-year-old?

10-11 years are a good age to enjoy dirt biking, so they need a good bike to start. Also, you will find that these kids already know how to balance and ride bikes. They are already trained in these, and they have fewer bikes too. So, we have to get a performance dirt bike for them.

 We will recommend Razor electric dirt bike models; from those, you will find both mid and high-end from their product line, and you can get a performance bike from there. You can find more than 14mph-15mph bikes, with 30 min plus runtime bikes from these bikes. For good performance bikes, you can get one from Razors models.

Should I get my kid a dirt bike?

We must consider the age of getting an electric dirt bike for our kids. We can give him a dirt bike if he is older enough. There are some requirements to get a dirt bike; the kid should learn to bike and balance well. Also, he should have a love for adventure and an affection for outdoor sports.

If he has a suitable attachment for dirt biking, get him a beginner-level dirt bike, he should be good at learning first, and then he can expect a good-performance dirt bike. We recommend giving him a mid-range dirt bike with which he can enjoy his ride for up to 30 minutes. Several models from renowned makers are available in the stores where you can get one.

Final Verdict

We have been discussing the Best Electric Dirt Bike for Kids in this review, and here we have shared all possible guidelines. Here you will find the best-recommended product, a top 10 chart, a top 10 review on the product, some tips, and a full-fledged buying guide. These will help you make your decision, and you can make it a fruitful guide.

Finally, we recommend Razor RSF350/650 as the best dirt bike you can give your kid; they will enjoy riding it and be happy. So, now it depends on how you will use this information. Wish you good luck in picking the perfect bike for your kid.

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