Best Toddler Balance Bike for 1 and 2-year-old: Top 9 Picks

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Are you facing trouble with your kid's toddler balance bike? Then we can give you the proper guidance and share our experience using several bikes. Toddlers are so underaged to handle a bike, but when they see one, you cannot control them to ride one.

They love bikes, and for that, you need a perfect balance bike, so based on this requirement, we have decided to share this article on Best Toddler Balance Bike for 1 and 2-year-old.

Toddlers from 1-2 years need special care and a particular type of toddler balance bike to make them comfortable. We also have kids and have gone through this situation, so it will be better if we share our knowledge and feedback about used products; it may help you a lot.

Why do toddlers need toddler balance bikes?

It is a crucial question, but we must take the best caution for toddlers. We know toddlers are not at an age to balance their bikes.

So, when we get a bike, we bring the balance bikes for them. These bikes are specially made for toddlers to enjoy a good time with their new bike. End of the day, they become good riders.

Toddler balance bikes are made with a different design that is much more friendly for toddlers. There is no risk of falling as these are low enough that toddlers can touch the road easily.

Similarly, these come with a dual wheel that makes them stable for toddlers to ride without extra balancing. They learn the basics with these balance bikes.

Do toddlers need any training to ride a toddler balance bike?

In reality, toddler balance bikes do not need any extra training. These are for toddlers according to their needs, choice, and size. Here they can easily stand and sit on it without any support.

You have to train them how to sit on it and enjoy it; then, they will learn the process gradually. Relaxest, they will learn to push and enjoy the ride. It is only possible for the design and stability of this bike.

When you see the toddler balance bike, you will know that it is designed with no risk of falling. Even a toddler cannot fall from it if he wants to.

The height is low, there are dual wheels, and it runs at a low speed. It is like a push-a-cart model: you can move on by pushing it. So, you can trust it for its better performance and stability.

In a Hurry! Check this out!

If you are in a rush to get a toddler balance bike now, you can check out the YGJT Baby bike; it is one of the best we have used and gives awesome performance.

 If your baby is 10 to 24 months old, this bike suits him. He can start riding it and learn both walk and ride on it. Balancing is tricky, but you will see your baby is having a good time with it.

On the other hand, you can also use this to learn to walk and ride one bike. Also, it comes with easy assembly, is lightweight, and has many other benefits. If you have decided to buy now, go for it.

Favorite Toddler Balance Bike Short List

We have made the task easy for you; here, you need to have a look and pick one. We have sorted out a short list based on the features and quality we have made to minimize your hassle. Check it now.

These are the top 9 lists of Balance Bikes based on their specification and attractive features; now you can have a look and pick one easily.

Also, we have given a detailed review of these balance bikes that will provide more information.

Recommended 9 Toddler Balance Bike for 1 and 2-year-old

Now we will share the best toddler balance bike information we have used and have practical knowledge about it.

We have found these are the best available models, and you will love to have this toddler bike for your baby. Let's start the discussion, and we will show you the best here.

1. YGJT Baby Balance Bike

YGJT is a renowned brand in the balance bike-making industry, and you will find a lot of variations from their products. If we talk about the stocks, you will see that there are so many models and other types that you can choose easily from them.

On the other hand, these bikes are made for toddlers with carbon steel, which is too light and easy to balance. Your kid can easily control it and have a better balance with this one.

There is no extra weight issue. Its lightweight material and your baby can handle it easily. It could be the perfect balance bike for toddlers and the best toddler bike among all our top 9 picks.

Accordingly, these toddler balance bike is easy to install and set up. You do not need any training, these come in a box, and you can assemble them easily without assistance.

Overall, it is an excellent product to get for your baby. You will love this toddler bike; it can be the best balance bike for 2 years old.


  • Multiple Animal Designs
  •  Safe Carbon Steel Material
  •  Easy Setup

What We like

  • Different models to Chose
  • Easy Balancing
  • Safe Material
  • Easy assembly

What we do not like

  • It is not suitable for older kids

2. allobebe Baby Balance Bike

You will love this allobebe toddler balance bike for its fantastic make. It is made for toddlers, and they have thought about the changes that may come with this product, so there is the adjustable seat, and you can make it comfortable for your baby.

According to the quality, it can be the best toddler balance bike and the best bike for 2-year-old babies. It can be the right choice for you, baby.

Also, if we talk about the structure of this bike, then it is sturdy and long-lasting enough to manage your baby's weight. They can use it as they love to, there is no risk of breaking or accidents with it.

 Similarly, the balancing and grip of this bike are awesome; you will see your baby loving the ride. Also, you can choose from different variations and pick the most lovable one for your baby.


  •  Adjustable Height
  • *Sturdy Structure
  • *Soft Grip

What We like

  • Color Variations
  • Easy to setup
  • Stronger make
  • Easy to balance

What we do not like

  • Seat adjustment requires some expertise

3. Retrospec Cricket Baby Walker Balance Bike

This could be the best choice if you buy your baby's first balance bike. It has the proper size and shape to manage your baby's stability. It is the bike for a toddler who needs a toddler balance bike for 1-year-old babies.

It is an excellent choice if you want a long-lasting toddler balance bike. It is made with scratch-resistant material and remains the same after years. So, you will love the construction of this bike.

When you are buying a balance bike, it should have easy control. No training is needed for riding these bikes, so this is a perfect match for your baby to get this bike and ride the whole day.


  • Beginner Bike
  • Scratch resistant
  • Easy control

What We like

  • Stable design
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Sturdy look
  • Easy to balance

What we do not like

  • Not perfect for above 24 months babies

4. AyeKu Baby Balance Bike for Toddler

You will like this one if you are looking for something different and a unique design. It is awesome for its futuristic look and shape. Your kid will love to ride it and have a good time. This is a bike for 1 year old and the best for toddlers. Get this one and let the baby enjoy his childhood.

When your baby is small and needs a toddler balance bike, it is perfect for the smaller size and better balance. They can have a good time with this easy, balanced, lightweight bike.

Similarly, if we look at the materials used for this bike, it is much more advanced than other conventional bikes, and there is no risk of breaking it in any accidents. Also, the back wheel brings a dynamic look and better control while riding.


  • Mini Size
  • Silent Wheels
  • Easy Balance wheels
  • Advanced Materials

What We like

  • Futuristic look
  • Sturdy construction
  • Better Balancing

What we do not like

  • Cannot bear more than 20 pounds

5. ANCAIXIN Baby Balance Bike

Generally, kids love the unique design, so having a dinosaur can be a great toy for them. This is a special design toddler balance bike with soft and cute tails; we bet your kid will love it. It is another best balance bike for toddlers, and it can be used as a toddler push bike too.

From the safety angle, it is an improved balance bike with a limit on the steering handle, which keeps your kid safe and stops falling. Every parent expects the bike to be safe enough to keep their baby in good shape.

Also, the installation or assembly is very easy; you need not take any expert assistance. With the attached instruction, you will be able to do it by yourself. So, take no hassle; go for it if you like it. We can tell that your baby will also love it.


  • Better Safety
  • Improved Steering Handle
  • Easy Installation
  • Unique Design

What We like

  • New Designs
  • Improved material
  • It is safe

What we do not like

  • Balancing on the handlebar is not good.

6. Jollito Baby Balance Bike

If your baby needs to start walking, this toddler balance bike can be a good match; the design is made for new walkers or beginner balance bikes.

You can rely on this bike to be your kid's best companion. It is the best bike for 1 year old babies where. You can also use it as the best balance bike for 18 months old.

The design is unique and sturdy and comes in some cute colors. You can choose from the color variations according to your baby's choice.

Based on the improved material, these bikes are reliable for your baby's first walk or new riding. So, choose it carefully and consider the matter of comfort for them.

This toddler bike is perfect for babies to start walking and bike riding if we talk about balancing issues. For improved design, your baby can quickly begin its journey without your help; it will act as the first walker or bike with its advanced design. Also, you can let the baby choose the design, show him these online and finalize it.


  • Sturdy Construction
  • Easy installation
  • Better balance

What We like

  • Beginner baby bike
  • More stable
  • Advanced safety
  • Steady Balance

What we do not like

  • It has a risk of tip over for bigger kids.

7. Peradix Baby Balance Bike

Finding a perfect toddler balance bike is difficult with a budget, but this one suits you well. This bike has a good seating feature from the beginning, like real bikes. It is a perfect bike for 2-year-old toddlers, and they have focused on what kind of bike 2 years old need.

Also, you will love the adjustable feature of the Seat that will help your kid start walking and then riding with this one very comfortably. Also, the design is made for managing toddlers from walking to riding in some easy steps.

Safety is the priority here, you can rely on this brand very easily, and from our experience, we will say that it is an excellent bike on a low budget. Overall, you can try out this bike for comfortable learning and enjoyment.


  • Better seating capacity
  • Adjustable Seat
  • Easy Assembling
  • Better Safety

What We like

  • Beginner baby bike
  • Easy to manage
  • More Safety

What we do not like

  •  Playing with the bike upside down is not safe.

8. XJD Baby Balance Bike

At first sight, you will tell one word, Cute. It is a very comfortable toddler balance bike that your baby will love to have. You can have one from different variations. This is the balance bike toddler you need for your baby. So, keep all the features in your mind when you choose and then decide.

There are some accessible features of this bike that you will love. These come in a box, and you need to assemble them, and in a nutshell, it is an easy DIY project for you; you can assemble it without any hassle.

With this one, it is also good for your baby to learn from walking to bike riding. Also, it comes in a pretty color that you can amaze your baby easily. Additionally, this is a good manufactured bike that is sturdy and stable.


  • Easy Assembly
  • Unique Design
  • Comfortable Ride

What We like

  • Easy to ride
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Lightweight

What we do not like

  • Seat adjustment is not available.

9. Kinderfeets Wooden Balance Bike

This one is a unique wooden toddler balance bike you may love to have for your baby. This is made from natural wood, and the colors are also kid-friendly; if you have thought about something new, this bike is for you. It is a great wooden bike for toddlers with excellent safety.

The most significant advantage of this bike is its environment-friendly nature; everything is suitable for your baby, from material to color. Here you can take it for its better stability than other bikes. Your kids have less risk of falling off this bike.

From the view of comfort, your kid will enjoy the ride everywhere. Also, they can ride it on roads, footpaths, and rocky surfaces. So, you can stay tension free when your baby is on this balance bike. It is a great toy for him to enjoy riding and have a good time.


  •  Wooden made
  • Larger size
  • More comfortable
  • Environment friendly

What We like

  • Comfortable ride
  • Bigger wheel space
  • More secure and safe
  • Durable and Sturdy
  • What we do not like
  •  In a few cases, toddlers may get hurt by the structure.

Tips to Buy a Balance Bike

You cannot just browse online and buy a balance bike; there are things you should know when you buy one. Let us make it easy for you, and you have some amazing tips for your balance bike.

Always go for Air Tires; these performed better. You may seem foam tire is better, but in the long run, air tires go well.

Size is a major fact for balance bikes; know your baby's age and then order a bike. You will find balance bikes for different ages. So, get the right bike for the baby.

Brakes are not necessary, but for older kids, you need one. They will ride at speed and can crash at any moment.

Be sure you need a walking or riding bike, based on your baby's age.

These are some quick tips that you need for getting a balance bike. Rest you will notice when we bring you through a buying guide.

Things to consider before buying a Toddler Balance Bike: Buying Guide

We will now talk about the in-depth issues of toddler balance bikes; here, you have to know some facts that will help you to select your bike easily. These are not only information but these facts we have identified with our knowledge and experience.

Here are some issues we have identified that you need to look at and will help you decide which one you really need. Let's have a walk then.


When taking a balance bike for your baby, you must know about the materials. If that is normal, go for carbon steel; here, you can get the best-manufactured bike from the makers.

This is lightweight and durable. Other materials will be heavier and can be harmful to babies. So, keep your eyes open for kid-friendly materials. 

If you are going for a wooden made bike, it will be more environmentally- friendly and suitable for kids; they will get a wider bike that is more stable. Also, the paint and other facts are good for ids here.

Walking vs. Riding

Be sure you need a bike to learn to walk or ride. These are two different requirements; you must first understand your kids' age. If he is around 10 months, he needs it to learn to walk; here, you need a bike for beginner toddlers. So, your bike type will be different; here, it will be used as a walker or basic bike.

On the other hand, when your baby is older, you need a riding bike, and in that case, you have to find a better balancing bike that should have good control, safety, and balance. You have to check the safety features and other issues for this one. The purpose should be fulfilled for walking and riding. 


Flat wheels are not that fast; on the other hand, foam wheels are not durable. So, you should better go for an air-filled wheel. This may require some extra bucks, although you can get these air-filled tires for better performance and durability.

You will find a lot of variations in the stores, even so with wheels, you should not compromise. In some cases, you have to focus on whether the wheels are steady.

If you are going for a wooden balance bike, the wheel will be wooden and made with a rubber cover; here, you need to adjust the make. These are durable but not faster; nonetheless, if you choose to take a wooden balance bike, you will adapt to these features.


The weight of a balance bike is another major factor to choose from; here, you will see that a lightweight bike is good for learning to walk for around 10-12 months of toddlers.

But for bike riding, you need a bit heavier bikes; those are stable and have better control. Too light cycles will cause accidents and get harmed.

Based on the weight, here comes the brakes issue; when your baby is going faster, you need brakes to control it. We will discuss the brake issue here too. Remember, when you have a heavy bike, you must have a brake to control it. 


The matter is, do you need brakes? As we are talking about toddlers, they are not strong enough to go faster, so you may not need brakes here.

 But when we talk about kids from 30-36 months, they are too naughty, and only then may we need some breaks for them. So, here you have to decide on brakes based on your kid's age.


Adjustable Seat is a suitable attachment, and here you can use that for some extra months. You need to check if the bike is adjustable or not. If you find one with this feature, we will suggest you should go for it.

But be careful that the seats are not loose, as the babies get hurt. You have to handle the seating feature very carefully.


Most balance bike comes in boxes; you must assemble them for your baby. So, you should get one that requires no technical knowledge. Here you will find an instruction manual to help you build it. In a nutshell, you must buy one that is easy to assemble and will minimize your hassle.

These are all the factors we have faced while buying a toddler balance bike; here, we had to go through several things. Now we know how to select a toddler bike that brings the best from the market. We hope this information will help you get the right one for your kid.


Which cycle is best for a 1-year-old?

If we are thinking of our 1-year-old baby, he is not capable of riding a balance bike, but for sure, he can learn to walk on it. Here we need a smaller balance bike, with better stability for walking, that will suit the baby. What will the baby do with that?

He will learn to stand properly with the bike, start walking, and have a better balance. The smaller balance bikes are made for toddlers to deal with these facts. These bikes are too lucrative, have lighter weights, and come with better safety. There are some other features too.

For example, you will see that the front side of the bikes is straight, which gives additional support for walking; bikes that come with light weight make it suitable for younger toddlers. So, you have to select your toddler balance bike very carefully.

Which cycle is best for a 2-year-old?

Balance bike for 2-year-old toddlers is different from those for younger ones. These are specially made to deal with older toddlers; these are more stable, heavy, and perfect for balancing, as we know that the smaller balance bikes are made for walking and riding.

A 2-year-old toddler is ready to ride a bike and can handle balance bikes, so these are a bit heavy to run and balance properly. Here we have to notice that the construction is also more stable and sturdy. You will also see that these bikes come with adjustable seats to suit babies of different heights.

The easiest way to identify the balance bikes for 2 year old is to see the size; it will be a bit bigger, more stable, sturdy, and have a bit of aerodynamic shape. These signs will tell us that this bike is for older toddlers. Also, we will find the age information in the product description too.

At what age do you stop using a balance bike?

Generally, toddler balance bikes are for 1 year to 3 years kids. But that is not only the solution, as there are larger balance bikes for older kids.

They ride it for up to 5-6 years. But the age is around 6-7 years when the kids love to ride pedal bikes. So, we have to understand the age based choice.

What is a balance bike perfect for? It improves our walking habits and gives a lot of body movement. So, kids also love to drive it. With a little push, these bikes go a long way. When the kids learn to ride a bicycle, they get the basic training from balance bikes.

After a certain age, kids love to ride pedal bikes for longer rides. So, they get a new bicycle, say bye to the balance bikes, and switch to pedal bikes. In this way, they move from balance bikes to general bicycles.

Can a 2-year-old ride a pedal bike?

Technically, a 2-year baby does not have much strength to push pedals, so parents buy balance bikes for them. There are two benefits of this; kids learn to balance and have a good grip on movement.

But if we are talking about a 2-year-old kid for a pedal bike, that is possible too.

Minor kids can ride pedal tricycles; that will be good for them. And according to the size and the push method, a pedal tricycle is perfect for riding; if your kid is a good balance bike, you can give him a tricycle. There is no other better option for them.

If you ask, a 2-year baby can ride a pedal bicycle; then it is an absurd discussion; those bikes are not for them.

Which bike is easiest to balance?

It is tough to elaborate in a line; basically, your baby must ride the bike properly at first. Keep an eye on him so that he can touch the floor properly and easily push and move forward. When they start to go, they begin to balance.

So, never buy a bigger balance bike for your baby.

Generally, when they start to ride, they also learn to balance their bikes. Here they, most of the time, begin to learn to balance by themselves; if they fail, it is not very much trouble for them.

Sometimes they fall and get up to do it again. In this way, they learn and balance in some easy steps. Now you need to select the bike.


We have been discussing the Best Toddler Balance Bike for 1 and 2-year-old, and there we have focused on kids' toddler balance bikes to give you the best feedback on the available products in the market.

We have shared our knowledge about reviewed products and made a shortlist for you. Also, a buying guide will give you a better idea about choosing a product.

Now you have all the information within your range, you can pick one from our reviewed products and check stores to get the best for your baby. Never compromise the quality and give them the best. Rest you can see their progress in using a balance bike. We hope you have a good time with your baby while using one.

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