Royalbaby Jenny and Bunny Girl’s Bike Review

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Royalbaby Jenny and Bunny Girl's Bike is not available on amazon store right now. We recommended the best alternative girls bike for your sweet girl.

RoyalBaby Stargirl Kids Bike with Basket for Age 3-12 Years

Royalbaby Jenny and Bunny Girl's Bike: QUICK OVERVIEW





What We Like

  • Easy to assemble
  • Has both front and back brakes
  • Wide support wheels
  • Comfortable
  • Very cute design

What We Don't Like

  • Some installation issues
  • Too heavy for some kids

There’s nothing that some little kids want more from their new bikes than for them to be absolutely adorable, and this bike would undoubtedly fit the bill. Sure, the cute level of the bike might not be the only factor that matters, but it is definitely an important one when you’re choosing a bike for your favorite little one.

Does the Jenny and Bunny Girl’s Bike from Royalbaby work reliably enough to be considered a good option for your child to ride on? Or is it lacking in safety features that you would otherwise want to be sure that you have?

To help you decide whether or not this cute bunny bike is worth the investment, we’ve put together a complete review. Keep reading to find out more about the bicycle.

Royalbaby Jenny and Bunny Girl's Bike Review

Royalbaby Jenny and Bunny Girl's Bike is an enjoyable, pink bike that has cute designs, a basket on the front, and a number of different options which can help you to find the right fit for your child. Does it have all the features that you need?

Who Is This Product For?

This is a girl’s bike that is intended for girls who love cute, pink things, but it is a suitable bike for anyone who fits the size of the bike and wants a pink bike. As there are multiple different wheel diameters available, this bike can work for kids from age three all the way up to age ten depending on their height and leg length.

This product is not a good choice for anyone who needs a wheel diameter that is larger than 18” as the bike is not currently available in larger sizes than that. However, it can work for those who need 12”, 14”, or 16” wheels on their bike at this time.

Additionally, this bike is not a good option if you plan to use it for more than a two- to three-year period. While it is a reliable bike for the usual use period, it is not a bike that will survive many years of wear and tear, and it is not priced to be one of those either.

What’s Included?

The bike comes with a basket, streamers, stickers, tools to build it with, and it may also include training wheels or a kickstand depending on which wheel size model you decide on upon purchase.

Overview of Features

This pink girl’s bike from Royalbaby is a fun and eye-catching bike, but what does it have to offer beyond just the color and design?

  • Construction

The frame and fork are made from 1.2mm welded steel, so you can rely on the stability and durability of the bike for as long as your child needs to use it. The steel isn’t the highest quality option, but it is more than enough to last through a few years of riding along with your child.

  • Size Options and Accessory Changes

The bike is available in four different wheel diameters: 12, 14, 16, and 18-inch options can all be selected. Depending on which size you choose, you will be given various accessories.

  • The 12” and 14” models of this bike come with training wheels.
  • The 16” model has both training wheels and a kickstand.
  • 18” model has only a kickstand.

Why does this differ between sizes? Most kids using a 12” or 14” size will not move past the training-wheel stage while using it, and that is part of why there is no kickstand. The 16” model is a very middle-ground bike, so having both training wheels and a kickstand on the bike makes it adaptable for different use situations.

The 18” model is intended for kids who no longer need training wheels, so it does not include any. The training wheels included in the smaller models are heavy-duty wheels that will help keep stability in the bike while your child learns to ride.

How to Help Your Child Use This Bike

When your child is just starting to learn how to ride a bike at a young age, you’ll want to make sure you start with a bike with training wheels. The 12”, 14”, and 16” size models of this bike all include heavy-duty training wheels.

With the training wheels on, the bike will effectively be working as a balance bike. This means they can ride it without having problems staying upright. That will look something like this:

Eventually, you and your child will be ready for them to get away from training wheels and ride on their own. Thankfully, the training wheels can easily be removed from this bike, and then you can teach them how to ride without any wheels.

This complete video will help you to understand how to undergo that training without any training wheels:


If your little one wants a cute bike but isn’t a big fan of things that are pink, the Huffy Childrens-Bicycles Frozen is a very similar alternative that is blue and Frozen-themed instead of pink. It’s still very cute, but it doesn’t have all that pink color.

If your child doesn’t want something cute at all, you can choose a more neutral bike like the RoyalBaby Space Shuttle Lightweight Bike. This bike has the same reliability as the Jenny and Bunny Bike, but it has a more subdued appearance.


As you can see, the Royalbaby Jenny and Bunny Girl’s Bike is an excellent option with a few different accessory selections that you can choose depending on which size you get for your child. Whether you want training wheels or a kickstand for the bike, you can get that option in the appropriate size.

Overall, this is a reliable and well-designed bike that keeps the size of the bike and your child’s needs in mind. Each wheel diameter is specifically designed to fit the needs of a child at that age and learning stage. Hence, you can be sure that the experience of learning to ride will be as enjoyable as possible for them!

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